Does New year mean new goals? Treasuring our past moments that will transform our current and future moments…

Will… the Holidays are over, some of you are rejoicing and others are feeling the after Holiday blues. Family and friends have traveled back home, or maybe you are the one traveling back home. Christmas trees are now sitting on the curb waiting for garbage day. Our not so real trees have been Christmas tree curbput in totes and stored for next year.


Now it’s  a New Year!! What does this mean for you? Is this a fresh beginning to start over? A New Year seems to have this magical power over us, it is as though it washes off the ink of our

Open book with pages forming heart shape

stories and we are left with blank pages… to create a new story. I strongly encourage you to not wash away your ink, but instead look for meaning through those pages. Those pages contain hard moments, fun moments, sad moments, moments that we wish we can erase and never again read, moments when we powered

through with all the odds against us, and moments that were full of togetherness, connection, and vulnerability.

goal setting

Since the New Year is full of goal setting and planning I want to share some helpful tips with you:

  1. Write down your goal. Now break that goal down into stepping stones. Let’s set ourselves up for success. At times we get so excited about our goals that we can bite off too much and then struggle to understand why we were not able to meet our goals. I think we all set great goals but at times we can forget the steps that will lead to that ultimate goal.
    • Example: Goal “I want to set healthy boundaries”. Stepping stone “Understanding the reason I struggle with saying the word no”.
  2. Ask yourself “hmmm what do I need to do to reach my goal?” We need to be very concrete in this area. Goal setting without a plan is just simply goal setting. Be as detailed as possible.
    • Example: “During this week I am going to use the word “no” at least two times when I am asked to do something that I know will cause me stress, discomfort, or I simply do not want to do it”.
  3. Track your progress. This is great to do on a chart or a journal… or just jot a couple of notes in your daily planner. Reading past journal entries or reviewing past charts can be very encouraging. Keep track of how you are doing, it will help you stay focused.
  4. Share your goal with someone you feel safe being vulnerable with. I believe that we are created to do life with others. Those who we are vulnerable with are great to keep us focused and to share the hard truths. We want our countability person to be real and honest with us “ya girl words-of-encouragementyou are doing great” when we darn well know we are not is not helpful. Sometimes we need “girl   hmmm now I know you said you where going to say “no” at least twice this week…. and um just wondering how that is really going”…. we need tough love sometimes. Allow others to challenge you.
  5. Post your goals and encouraging words around your home, in your car, in your planner, lunch box, anywhere that you will see them. You need to see your goal everyday. Encouraging and insightful quotes and statements are so powerful. You can easily find these on Google, notes in a jarFacebook, and Pinterest. A really fun idea is you can get a mason jar and you ask your friends to write encouraging words, statements, prayers, and or quotes. During your hard days you go to that jar and reach for some inspiration and fuel.
  6. I feel the most important piece to remember and the reason I saved it for last is because I want it to stick with you. BE KIND AND GRACIOUS with your mind, body, and soul. Remember your are enough and you do enough. Goal setting is not about perfection. If you are going for perfection you will lose… end of story. Things will “go not as planned”… that is called life, it is our choices of what we do afterwards. What kind of words are we saying to ourselves? Are they graceencouraging? Are they true? When Life happens get back up, the difference between you and someone  who accomplishes their goal is that when they fell they decided to learn from what happened, gave themselves some grace, reached out for support and went for it again. Keep going…. small victories everyday make a big difference. There are exceptions to this. At times when goals are not going well we need to start at the beginning and sometimes we reexamine our goal… know that this is a success moment because of your experience you are now more aware , and believe me there is so much power in awareness.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Important to remember they are only tips. There are many, many, many ways to do goal setting. Pick the one that works for you.

As We Thrive Wishes you a Happy New Year… and a year full of moments.



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Hi, I am a mama of three (2,7,9), a wife to an amazing supportive caring husband. I am passionate about working with women and their families specializing in Maternal Mental Health. Being a Therapist is my dream career!!!

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