Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act of 2015

As We Thrive continues to be dedicated to Perinatal/Maternal Mental Health. We had an amazing IMG_6397opportunity to speak with Louise Fendrich, Deputy District Director… in the office of Congresswomen Cathy McMorris Rodgers to share about IMG_6396the Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act of 2015 H.R.3235/5.2311.

We had a group of women attend the meeting to bring awareness to PPD. As We Thrive partnered with Jen Kennedy-PSI Washington State Coordinator , Gina Hopkins and Courtney Robinette from Fit4mom. IMG_6404There were many other moms and providers who wanted to attend and were not able to be present. Us four ladies went to represent the many moms, dads, and families that struggle with PPD. Mia Edidin from Perinatal Support Washington was a huge contributor to the success of this meeting.

We would love your support as this bill takes on it’s journey. PPD is not a “mom issue” it is a community issue and it is time for us to stand up and respond. This bill will perinatal support washingtonhelp provide grants that will provide  screening and treatment of maternal depression. As We Thrive believes that education is so powerful and empowering and we would love to provide more education to our amazing community regarding Postpartum Depression. Did you know that Postpartum Depression is the #1 complication of a pregnancy? It is also the leading cause of maternal mortality. 1 in 7 mom’s  will struggle with PPD. 1 in 10 dad’s will struggle with PPD, and in lower socioeconomic  areas 1 in 4 moms will struggle with PPD. 

Our Washington community has some great things going and we are heading in the right direction. This bill just gives our community more opportunities and possibilities toPDD ACT 1 support our friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

We have included some great information regarding Military Families and Postpartum Depression,Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Depresson and Impact on Children.

We are also providing an easy way for you to get involved click here. Thank you for joining us and you are helping to create generational change for our community. At As We Thrive we believe in the Village PDD act 2mentality… we have to come together to do this. With our actions let us show families who struggle with PPD know that they are not alone, that we stand with them.


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Hi, I am a mama of three (2,7,9), a wife to an amazing supportive caring husband. I am passionate about working with women and their families specializing in Maternal Mental Health. Being a Therapist is my dream career!!!

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