Why the name “As We Thrive”?

“As” meaning we are moving in motion, we working through “it”…. progress is progress regardless of how small or how big. “We” we believe we are meant to do life together and in community. You are not alone.“Thrive” this is our inner drive, push, motivation, and determination. Sometimes we cannot find this within us, and that is ok, this is a great time to let someone help you rediscover your thrive.

Mission Statement: 

As We Thrive is a ministry dedicated to women. I have a heart and passion for supporting women in transitional stages of life. I also feel very called to provide support to their families and their community. Individual support is offered through individual therapy. Family support is provided by support groups and classes. Community support is offered through provider collaboration meetings, and public speaking events.

I feel called to care for the whole person which includes body, mind, and soul. There is a focus on physical health/nutrition, spiritual health, and growing the mind through education/tools/resources. We take care of heart issues that may have deep roots. There is a focus on social-emotional health; we were designed to do life with others.

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