Counseling Services and Areas of Focus

Depression Generalized Anxiety Postpartum Mood Disorders
TraumaADHDMarital Struggles
Post-abortion healingPregnancy and Infant LossRelational struggles
Complex PTSDSocial AnxietyAttachment Ruptures
Emotional DysregulationSpiritual AbuseParenting Struggles
Low Self Worth ShameNegative Beliefs
Emotional EatingLife AdjustmentsPMDD
Comparing StrugglesIdentity StrugglesIntrusive Thoughts
Body Image StrugglesSocial Media Addiction Doubt
Struggles With Faith Stuck in Negative PatternsBoundary Setting Struggles

Interventions Used in Therapy

Biblical Based Counseling

Biblical counseling is an approach to counseling that uses the Bible to address the issues in the lives of individuals, couples, and families. The Bible teaches that our thoughts, motives, attitudes, words, and actions flow from the sinful selfishness of our hearts. Biblical counseling addresses the heart. using the wisdom and approaches revealed in the Bible.

Biblical counseling is practical and effective. It does not view people as simply spiritual beings with spiritual problems. Instead the biblical counselor sees the individual as a physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational being. One focus of biblical counseling is to help others develop a biblical worldview of their life and recognize the core truth that guides right thinking and actions. The goal of biblical counseling is spiritual maturity.

Biblical counseling also values the rule of the local church in the process of one’s change of heart. Heart change brings about life change, but this occurs most effectively in an authentic Christian community, the local church.

True change is the result of the Holy Spirit working in one’s heart. This work often includes intervention by other people such as a pastor, a mentor, or a counselor. The biblical counselor helps people identify their problems in biblical terms that may involve a renaming of the problem, such as, alcoholism versus drunkenness. This helps change the individual’s view of the problem. This process is filled with grace and is ultimately redemptive. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation for the work of biblical counseling.

 EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a form of therapy that helps people heal from trauma or other distressing life experiences. EMDR therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and used to resolve many issues and challenges. It is an empirically supported treatment for acute and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR therapy has helped countless people of all ages to resolve psychological distress.  To learn more click here

EMDR simply helps the brain function in ways that God attended the brain to function. EMDR encourages bilateral stimulation in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Distressing memories, negative beliefs/lies, charged emotions, and distress in the body can often be the result of unresolved issues. 

God is our ultimate healer and restorer. I use EMDR while Gods Word and Holy Spirit guides the process. While using counseling tools God is still at the center of it all. In my practice I use the EMDR tappers and only offer EMDR in person. 

In Between Sessions – Because therapy is more than a 55min session. 

  • Clients are strongly encouraged to keep a journal during their time in therapy.  
  • Clients are strongly encouraged to be in community in a local church. 
  • Clients are strongly encouraged to be reading Gods Word. 
  • Clients are strongly encouraged to be in engaging in prayer. 

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