Bereavement Doula & Counseling Services

.ThrivingMI am Licensed Mental Health Therapist who specializes in Perinatal Maternal Mental Health and Perinatal Bereavement. This service is an extension of As We Thrives Counseling Services, LLC. You can learn more about other counseling services here. I accept most insurances including Medicaid. 

Stillbirthday doulas (SBD® Doulas) can support families experiencing:

  • Birth in any trimester, and in any outcome
  • Unconventional loss, which may include adoption or surrogacy
  • NICU Care
  • “rainbow” subsequent live birth
  • Full term, uncomplicated, live birth with no connection in any way to bereavement

If you have or will be experiencing a loss… I first want to say that I am so very sorry. Please know that you are not alone. I am here to walk the journey with you and your family. If you have found this page it is most likely because you are looking for support. Here is what I can offer as I walk along side you during this journey:

Bereavement Services Include:

  • I can be a support in your home or at the hospital
  • I can asset you in making all the moments memorable
  • I can asset in Pregnancy (and everything up until the birth-this can include everything that went into the pregnancy)
  • I can asset in birth
  • Welcoming
  • The Farewell (learn more here)
  • Learn more about Sacred Circles
  • The Healing Journey
  • Support in contacting local Resource

Doula to Doula Support: 

I provide back-up bereavement support to local Doulas. If your client is or has lost their baby and you are unsure how to support them, I can come along side you during this
difficult time and help you guide them through this time. I do not take over your role as Doula, I will simply be present either physically or by phone so that you may draw from my knowledge and experience of supporting birth in any trimester and outcome.

I can also provide you with bereavement support. A client’s loss can be difficult on the birth workers involved and it’s important to allow yourself the time and space to grieve and process these births. For this reason, I am always available to support you through these difficult times. 

Rates & Fees 

Bereavement Counseling/Doula Support – Initial Intake 150.00
Bereavement Counseling/Doula Sessions 140.00 per session

I accept most insurances including Medicaid. For more information and details on services please call 509-222-0653 or email







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