Local Spokane Resources

Sweet Dreams Spokane

“Are you tired? Are you looking for improved sleep? Does the idea of sleep training make you uncomfortable? I look at the whole sleep picture and find ways to optimize sleep Sweet Dreams Spokanewhile respecting baby’s normal physiology. I am confident that we can work together to ease the sleep troubles in your home”.

Spokane Professional Doula Association 

“Spokane Professional Doula Association is committed to providing families with trusted SPDAsupport through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period’.





Improving Birth-Spokane INB

“We are mothers and those who care for us, advocating for evidence-based care and humanity in childbirth”.

CAPA- Childbirth and Parenting Assistance Program


“CAPA is a wrap-around program that supports families with children under five through peer-support groups, parenting classes, individual and couples counseling, social groups, clothing and diaper assistance, and—most importantly—unconditional love and support. CAPA’s services are free (with the exception of couples counseling), voluntary, and confidential, which means that everyone who is here wants to be here. As long as the youngest child in the family is under five, any family is welcome to participate in CAPA programming; we have no income or geographical requirements”. Click here for more information

The Well-Rested Nest Julia Carlson, MHE, Pediatric Sleep Specialist 

“At The Well-Rested Nest, we are dedicated to providing the guidance and tools you’ll need to help your child develop a healthy foundation for restorative sleep. We honor andthe well-rested nest cater to each parenting style through our customized plans and provide ongoing support to ensure success”. (from The Well-Rested Nest website)



Over The Moon BirthingMelanie Floerchinger

“Preparing for the birth of your child can be one of the
most exciting yet overwhelming times. These classes
are designed to help you figure out what is right for
YOU and your baby’s birth, so that you can enter
into this new journey with more confidence and peace of over the moon birthing
mind. You will find support and encouragement every
step of the way, regardless of how you chose to birth or
where you chose to birth. These classes are truly unique. We focus on the journey from birth to baby care to changes in relationships and breastfeeding. Couples will get education, information, and the emotional support. Every birth is different and we cannot predict an outcome.
But you can be prepared for what is to come……”(from Over the Moon Birthing).

As We Thrive recommends many families to Melanie for birthing classes and birthing doula services.

FIT4MOM Spokane

“FIT4MOM® is the country’s largest fitness program for moms offering pre and post-natal fitness classes for every stage of motherhood. Come see how we’re helping to give fit 4 mommoms the “STRENGTH FOR MOTHERHOOD!”(from FIT4MOM Spokane website).

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